Insulation Innovation

Chemical-free, hydrophobic treatment for quick-drying, lofty down performance in cold, wet conditions. Now used in all Hype down styles.

A natural insulating fiber made from the Kapok tree, blended with 100% recycled down in all new Guides Down and Ares styles.

Temp regulating insulation tech made for high output, stop and go activities in the cold. Synthetic and down options available.

You know to make it to the top- and stay at the top- you need cutting-edge outdoor apparel to advance – it's time to redefine your outdoor gear lineup with our Marmot® Fall 2023 Lookbook. From eco-conscious breakthroughs in down filled jackets to snowsports innovations, retro fleece staples, and our classic Marmot® logowear, prepare for a season of unparalleled style and performance.

Test out our testament to the pursuit of excellence with our WarmCube Active®down insulation system – a game-changer when in high-output mode. Featured in our Novus synthetic down jacket and premium down Alt HB men's anorak jacket, this temperature-regulating synthetic down or down system that keeps in the heat without overheating. This down coat technology circulates air when on the move, but stops when you do so you maintain warmth. Meaning you can take on the elements with confidence in an insulated jacket like our WarmCube Golden Mantle GORE-TEX Jacket.

And now you can lock in warmth like never before with your fill of our eco-conscious Kapok Flower insulation – a fusion of fluffy plant fibers and 100% post-consumer recycled down. This lightweight sustainable down offers outstanding warmth with 700- down fill power, while minimizing its environmental footprint. Our Guides Down Hoody jackets and down vest sport this lightweight, water-repelling wonder that reaches new heights in technical performance yet sourced sustainably from Kapok trees in the global south.

Next, experience the ExpeDRY difference – an advanced layer of protection for down against the elements. A permanent bond of non-toxic gold particles to down insulation featured in models like our Hype Down hooded jacket, our ExpeDry Technology makes down hydrophobic for faster drying and reduced mold risk. Not bad for down that conserves energy in production by 30%.

Prepare to face every snow-covered peaks with our latest GORE-TEX ePE Membrane technology. GORE-TEX jackets and pants featuring membrane technology offer exceptional waterproofing and breathability, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable during intense snowsports. Experience the pinnacle of protection in our GORE-TEX Lightray jacket or bottoms to maximize your snowy adventures.

Or make it a retro revival with our latest Marmot latest fleece hoodies and jackets. Our retro fleece jackets and printed fleece designs bring a fresh twist to timeless comfort. Reintroduce yourself with the Retro Rocklin Fleece or our Super Aros printed zip fleece – perfect companions for chilly adventures and everyday exploration.

With Marmot's dedication to pushing boundaries and redefining the outdoor experience, stay confident you'll stay agile, dry, and comfortable in your outdoor gear whether you're cutting through the rain, crossing the crag, or carving through the powder.