“BATTLE CAT” (8C/+) in Frankenjura

June 25, 2018 / Posted by admin

Marmot PRO Sarah Kampf (formerly Seeger) recently could send “Battle Cat” (8c/+), one of Frankenjura’s most impressive lines. As Sarah reports, on the day of the send everything fell into place: “Succeeding in a project often depends on so many different factors, and luck is sometimes crucial. After a few weeks of high temperatures and humidity, the weather forecast promised some cool and windy days, ideal climbing conditions. I could take advantage of one of those perfect days after I had taken a break from projecting ‘Battle Cat’ during the hot weeks before. Progress had been marginal and motivation was decreasing – the “normal” flip side of projecting. Taking a break had been the right choice, I was fully recovered regarding the specific demands of the route, I was highly motivated again and even managed to not set myself under pressure. ‘Battle Cat’ is definitely the most beautiful route I have climbed so far and I am very grateful for the time this amazing piece of rock gave me.” Photo: (c) Lars Decker

Sarah Kampf
June, 2018
The Send