The call of the wild

September 24, 2021 / Posted by Marmot Mountain Europe GmbH

Surely you know this inner demand that motivates you again and again to go out into the wild and makes you want to experience and feel adventures. I can truly understand that and I am sure that I am not alone with that, especially in this times where ” micro adventures” are really popular – out of the everyday life and right into the adventure!

The desire for the outdoor feeling

Although I spent many years researching wild animals like wolves, bears and lynxes on a scientific assignment, crawling around in the wilderness, again and again, my hunger for outdoor experiences has not diminished. I still feel a deep and seemingly never-ending curiosity in both my professional and personal life. On the one hand, it is important to me to talk to people about the nature, wild animals and plants in order to promote a better understanding which creates a basis for a better coexistence. On the other hand, I feel a strong, inner motivation that has more of a psychological origin. I find my inner peace in the wilderness and become restless when I sit too long on a chair in the office or drift into a daily routine.

To be one with Mother Nature

On my later expeditions, I traveled thousands of kilometers on hikes. Afterwards, it often took me two weeks to get used to a normal bed in a room again. When I roam through the countryside, all my senses are stimulated and I forget about everyday life. I feel myself, my body and my surroundings much stronger and more intense. This pleases me and makes me happy. A flower, a tree and even the grasses blowing in the wind invite me to open not only my eyes but my whole mind and feel one with nature.

Enjoying freedom without any restrictions

I have always been enticed by a wild animal, large or small, to observe it, but without disturbing it or restricting and crowding its freedom. As I write here, I remind myself that it is this feeling of freedom that I want to seek and feel without anyone disturbing or restricting me. It is a deep-rooted longing that has gripped me ever since I was a child. At the same time, I wish the wild animals and plants exactly this kind of freedom, enjoying participating in their habitat.

What about the loneliness in the great outdoors? People often as

People often ask me how I deal with loneliness on my longer outdoor adventures. On reflection, “loneliness” is pretty relative. When I get out of the apartment and spend days or even weeks in the wilderness, I don’t feel lonely. There are many more living creatures around me than when I’m sitting at home in my apartment or at a workplace – so it’s all a matter of perspective. Apart from that, I also occasionally meet other people with whom I can talk to.

What happens next?

Without a doubt: as long as I am able to do so, I will carry on with expeditions or create other opportunities for myself to play outdoors for longer periods of time. In the depths of my soul I am an explorer and I will pursue this and tell about these experiences and try to pass on my knowledge. At the same time, I am also very passionate about technology and I am excited about the possibilities in the future of being able to communicate about the nature and wildlife to schools and children directly from the wilderness through a variety of ways.

Text & Photos: Peter Sürth

Peter Sürth
September, 2021
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