Wallride – an expedition on the bicycle

July 22, 2021 / Posted by Marmot Mountain Europe GmbH

For decades, the Marmot Mountain Club has consisted of a colorful mix of people who have made their love of nature and the mountains the focus of their lives. Mountain athletes, alpinists, campers, climbers, skiers, adventurers, etc. tell their stories and share them with like-minded people – regardless of age, gender, background or level of professionalism.

Stefan Glowacz is one of these brand ambassadors. As a long-time professional climber, he has scaled the world’s most famous rocks and has now been intensively involved in the world of adventure for many years. With expeditions to Greenland, Venezuela or even to Antarctica he proved his sportive performance again and again, but he always gave nature a chance, because he completes his adventures “by fair means”. When others comfortably board a plane to travel to Greenland, Stefan boards a sailing ship. When others want to spare themselves the hardships of a dense jungle, he goes right through it!

A “Bike & Climb” statement

The latest episode in the life of Stefan Glowacz now happens on a completely new piece of equipment: the bicycle. Together with his friend and colleague Philipp Hans, they will cross the Alps and complete several thousand kilometers. But not on the conventional roads, where it is comfortable and easy. No, the two are riding cross-country, because they have something else in mind: they will climb several steep walls in between and are planning first ascents on big walls in Italy, Switzerland and France. They will start with a wall of the 3000 meter high Cimon del Froppa, which is located in the lonely Marmarole group in the foothills of the eastern Dolomites.

Playfully Serious – pure performance belongs to the past

For the two adventurers, their project is not primarily about sheer power and top performance. Of course, more than 3000km will demand a lot from them and the performance on the rock will also take its toll. However, in their search for special moments, the two friends are not concerned with drudgery or painful tests of patience. Rather, it’s about experiencing their outdoor dreams together – unfiltered, unadulterated and pristine. Experiencing the Alps together and feeling the fun of nature anew every day; that’s what drives them. “Performance” and “Play” – a symbiosis that is laid daily at Marmot as well as our ambassadors under the motto #playfullyserious.

Ultralight – trending high in summer 2021.

With his adventure, Stefan incidentally proves something else, too: in the summer of 2021, ultralight products are more in vogue than probably ever before and at Marmot they can draw from the full range here. A lightweight tent? A warm yet handy sleeping bag? An ultralight rain jacket? Quick-drying tops? All no problem if you choose the right brand. Stefan put the following products to the endurance test during the Wallride expedition:

Melf Sönnichsen, Marmot Mountain Europe GmbH
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Stefan Glowacz
Central Europe
July, 2021
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