Down Defender

What Is It?

Marmot Down Defender is an insurance policy for your down garments and sleeping bags. This specially treated highly water-resistant down offers an extra level of moisture protection for down garments and sleeping bags exposed to wet environments. Down Defender helps prevent down from clumping and losing its loft when exposed to water, thereby greatly increasing its ability to keep you warm and comfortable.

How Does It Work?

The treatment coats the individual plumes of the down cluster with a DWR (Durable Water-Repellent) at the molecular level. It puts a hydrophobic layer on each individual plume of the cluster. This treatment is done during the down cleaning process. The finish is extremely durable, allowing the down to maintain its water repellency over 20 washes. The treatment also enhances the down's integrity and the durability of the cluster helping to increase its longevity.

What Are the Benefits?

Down Defender garments and sleeping bags stay drier longer, maintain their loft better and dry faster than conventional untreated down gear.

Stays drier 10x longer than untreated down

Maintains 150% more loft than untreated down in damp conditions

Dries 30% faster than untreated down

Treatment is PFOA and PFOS free

bluesign® approved