What Is It?

Although Down is an insulation that is protected from the elements by the Shell fabric, it is still possible for Down to lose performance under extreme conditions. When Down is subjected to wet conditions, it can cause a tremendous amount of humidity inside the insulation chamber which will create a situation where it loses its loft and ability to provide warmth. ExpeDRY is a new technology that takes an active approach to keeping the entire insulation chamber - and thus the down - dry, allowing it to retain its properties and keep the entire product drier. It also dramatically decreases the time it takes to dry so when used in damp or wet conditions, it will take half the time to dry out allowing for better performance over longer expeditions. And unlike traditional hydrophobic treated down, It does this without the use of harmful chemicals.

How Does It Work?

ExpeDRY works through a permanent and chemical-free bonding of non-toxic gold particles. These gold particles work to create an electro-static barrier which weakens the hydrogen bonds with both aids in keeping the high levels of humidity from condensing and increases the evaporation rate of water; all to keep the entire insulation chamber as dry as possible. And unlike chemicals used in the past which simply push water around inside the chamber, the gold particles are permanent and will not breakdown over time allowing for constant protection during the product lifetime.

What Are the Benefits?

ExpeDRY technology works as a permanent solution to keep our Down Sleeping Bags from breaking down and losing loft over the passage of time. As sleeping bags are often exposed to different environments and conditions, ExpeDRY ensures these exposures will not harm the Down properties of warmth and loft. As well, ExpeDRY is a non-toxic, chemical free solution. It will function forever and keep the environment and your body free from harmful toxins.