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Marmot products are available in specialist sport and outdoor shops and in our Marmot brand stores. To find an authorized dealer in your area, please use our Dealer Locator.

You will find the complete Marmot collection on our website.

Whether it’s new products, technologies and collections or the recent achievements of our Marmot PRO athletes, our newsletter keeps you informed about Marmot-related news. You can register for the newsletter here: Newsletter registration form. Our news is also available real-time on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

All technologies and membranes used by Marmot are presented on the website.

Almost all sleeping bags must be tested according to the requirements of the EN 13537 standard. This test indicates for which temperature range a sleeping bag is suitable. A distinction is made according to three different temperature ranges: the extreme, limit and comfort range.

You will find a sizing chart and fit guide under: Downloads -> Size Chart.

Most of our products come with wash and care instructions. To maintain the performance of your products and extend their lifespan, we advise you to follow the wash and care instructions. For more information, see Product Care.

Each Marmot product has a label, on which the respective country of manufacture is named.

For questions about replacement parts, please get in touch with your Marmot dealer or contact us directly: [email protected].

Regardless of the age of your product, there is an easy way to find the product number (and thus the product name): every Marmot product has a code sewn into it. For products from circa 1996, this consists of a letter followed by 4 to 5 digits (for example, D16540). For earlier products, a 4-digit number combination is used.

Marmot is fully committed to sustainability and environmental protection. There are more and more products in the collection that are made from recycled polyester, organic cotton and other environmentally friendly materials. We are guided by the following premise: If we can achieve the same or better product performance using eco-friendly fabrics, we will use them.